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"...James Schultz also shines in the somewhat more obscure role of Dr. Lyman Hall."

~ Jeb Ladouceur, Smithtown Matters

"You can't help but root for a Sam so ardently presented by Schultz."

~ Steve Park, Newsday


"James Schultz is hilarious as the Ghost of Christmas Present. Him laughing and jumping about leaves the audience in absolute stitches.”

"...but peace is quickly broken by the Ghost of Christmas Present, James Schultz, who gives a standout performance complete with hardy laughter..."


"First, is the reincarnation of Donald O’Connor, James Schultz, who plays everybody’s used and abused, double-taking buddy ‘Robert."

"James Schultz ... In one word, outstanding. Every line he delivers, every movement he makes, every facial expression is so on point...In fact, he is so humorous that there are brief moments when you will miss some of the other character's responsive lines because you will be laughing so hard."

~ Heidi Sutton, Times Beacon Record

"Aaron, as played by James Schultz, is a very likable and endearing character.

He wins us over with his honesty, his kindness, and his truth-telling." 

"Schultz as the awkward and nervous Aaron is endearing and lovable..He easily handles the subtle transformation his character experiences...

During the number “In Love with You,” Schultz gets to show off his singing abilities."


"The gorgeous soaring voices of Conner and Schultz crescendo in “Thinking of Him/I Miss the Music"

"The best of rendered when James Schultz sings the tender ballad, ‘I Miss the Music.’...His return to Theatre Three after a several-months-long hiatus from his home stage was acknowledged by an applauding crowd who stood and cheered during his curtain call."

“James Schultz garnered tons of laughs when he performed an awkward semi striptease act during the dancer auditions”


"James Schultz as Bill Reach … is a prodigy…Probably his most challenging role to date, he more than nails it…All were scared to death of the diabolical monster Schultz passively and slowly created… Absolutely incredible and only the work of a true master."

"Balancing the scales skillfully are the comedic characters, Monsieur and Madame Thenardier (James Schultz & Jennifer Collester Tully). Twice—in Act 1 then again in Act 2—these irresistibly naughty originals command the stage from the minute they set foot on it, and in both cases they deliver absolute showstoppers."

"The Thénardiers were hysterically portrayed by Jennifer Collester Tully and James Schultz. Indeed another favorite was their comical performance of "Master of the House".

"Schultz did a great job portraying Julian's emotions, and I enjoyed that he found a way to balance the sometimes intimidating personality of Julian with a more sensitive side of him--particularly through his affection for Peggy."

"James Schultz plays Mr. Marsh pitch-perfectly."


"(42ND STREET) does provide us a way to see the wonderful dancing chorus, numerous star turns - notably James Schultz..."


"James (Schultz) did a great job communicating his emotions and the mixed feelings he had at times. All by himself on the stage, he kept the narrative moving and interesting...

"The titular character is performed by James Schultz, whose boisterous energy and animated facial expressions are what people have come to expect from the role..."

"James Schultz plays the Grinch and brings the perfect amount of humor and menacing charm to the disgruntled character."

""James Schultz takes on the title role, being Grincheriffic in every scene...With Schultz' comical antics and timing, he has the whole audience howling...There's something indescribable about Schultz' performance in this role...And when he starts singing, you'd swear the whole stage starts to rumble...He's everything you'd hope for when it comes to being The Grinch..."

"From the moment his long green fingers emerge around the side of his cave, Schultz captures that seasick crocodile energy one would expect from the Grinch. But he also manages to play to the audience and connect to younger viewers, adding a layer of depth and refreshing definition to the character."

"James Schultz as the Grinch is an incredible find
If you reread the book, it is him in your mind
He's outlandishly funny and sometimes outrageous
And the pleasure he's having is like COVID – contagious"

"Although it couldn’t have been known at the time, that applause was deserved for James Schultz, a veteran of the role who was terrific in his hairy green suit, playing things oh-so Grinchy..."

"As every member of the D'Ysquith family, James Schultz is delivering a standout performance. With some costume changes that only last a few seconds, Schultz rapidly creates eight unique characters with distinct voices, gestures and mannerisms. His singing voice is exceptional and his connection with Crimmins and the rest of the cast is genuine."

"In ABT’s new production...both men and women of the aristocratic D’Ysquith family, are played with a broad, over-the-top relish as deserving of an old-fashioned musical hall-styled production by James Schultz. Each character is so well defined, there’s a good chance that some audience members may not initially realize it’s Schultz in every role.


His performance of I Don’t Understand the Poor, sung under the guise of the uppish Lord Adalbert D’Ysquith, is one of the show’s two musical highlights."

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